Friday, May 16, 2008


A huge reception of United World Collage of India (UWCI) Pune`s structure is designed & developed by Solapur`s Architect. The structure
is assembled in only one day. The center height
of dome is 35 feet from ground level approx. The
material used to dome is sq. angles, steel discs,
poly-corbonate sheets. The steel angles weight
used to structure is approx 2 tonnes.


Arun Deshpande & Arch. Girish Kulkarni from Solapur have developed structure for
Particular earthquake affected region. A
Village is developed by this technology at
Kacha, Gujarat. They constructed homes
Of 50sqm to 200sqm at Kach. The Steel structure of this technology as per given in image.
Material used to dome is steel angles, 2”& 4”sq. steel mesh, chicken mesh, steel discs, sand, stone crush etc. The concrete slab thickness is 1.5” to 2”. This low cost technology is appreciated by Gujrat govt. & villagers.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sayaji tourism park at Akluj

A marvelous tourism park has been completed named SAYAJI PARK at Akluj. Now it is opened for tourists for enjoying. Akluj fort site seeing, boating at Nira river, Baba tramgadi etc. are also available.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Catering collage at Majarewadi

Catering collage undertaking by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation has finalised spot at Majrewadi. MTDC & Maharashtra govn. alloted fund of Rs. 20 cores for collage

Flemingo arrives at Hipparga Talav

Builders, Industrialist, NRI's interest in investing in Solapur

Due to location is finalized by Air port authority of India at Tandulwadi-Boramani Tal.
S. Solapur beside Mumbai Hydrabad highway no. NH-09. Real estate rates highly increased
due to lands purchased by Builders, Industrialist from Pune, Hydrabad, Mumbai. Some NRI's also interested to invest.