Monday, October 13, 2008

Dr. Pimparkar invented Flexible Electronics in Nanotechnology.

Carbon Nanotubes.
Dr. Ninad Pimparkar from Solapur and Mr. Jaydeep Kulkarni from Walchandnagar were the team members who invented Flexible Electronics in Nanotechnology. The team was working on this Technology from last three years under the guidance of Prof. Mr. Ashraf Alam in Perdue University of U.S.
Due to this Technology Transistors are easily manufactured by using Carbon Nanotube nets. To manufacture Plastic circuits these transistors plays important role.
The Technology to develop transistors from Carbon Nanotubes nets is called as Nanonets. Main obstruction to develop these Nanonets is metal Nanotubes. There was high risk of short circuit due to metal used in Nanotubes.
The team develops Flexible Circuit by using more than 100 transistors. This is the largest circuit in Nanonet Technology. Now by this Technology, a circuit can be developed by using more than 10000 transistors. High quality, low cost and light weight Integrated circuits can be developed by using this Technology.
Electronic skin covers of airplanes can be manufactured by using Nanonets. It is useful in diagnosis of Airplane cracks. Solar cell on plastic, also information and photographs can showed on electronic paper are possible due to this Technology. As well as foldable Television screen can be manufactured by this Technology.


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